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EBI for commissioners

EBI for commissioners

The Evidence-based Interventions programme has set up a commissioner forum to work with clinical commissioners to ensure any proposed changes are both practical and in line with guidance from organisations such as NICE. The forum takes account of existing clinical practice and knowledge of different approaches to system working.

 It is specifically charged with ensuring guidance has appropriate:

  • Governance
  • Compliance and performance monitoring
  • Clinical engagement and policy development
  • Programme management and implementation

EBI implementation

Putting EBI guidance into practice will need strong local leadership and good clinical judgement to focus on delivering evidence-based care. Clinicians, commissioners, providers, and patients across Integrated Care Systems (ICS) need to work together to put the guidance in place.

We expect that local clinical governance arrangements will oversee this, with regional support. The EBI programme continues to focus on changing behaviour at various levels and being more purposefully involved with those responsible for providing frontline care.

In particular, where the guidance promotes doing more of some interventions, there is a greater need for commissioners, providers, and patients to share learning and support each other to encourage a joint approach to implementation. Universal application of criteria across England, makes it easier to implement locally and creates a level playing field for providers who may fear losing clinical activity to other local providers, including private health care.