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EBI for patients

EBI for patients

The Evidence-based Interventions programme works very closely with the Patients Association and the Academy’s Patient and Lay Committee to review all proposals once they have been agreed by the EBI Programme Board.

EBI interventions often rely on taking a shared decision-making approach which is designed to empower patients and help them choose what test, treatment or procedure is right for them. Patients are encouraged to consider the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives as well as what is likely to happen if they do Nothing (BRAN).

NHS England is also developing a series of decision support tools that will help patients and clinicians decide the most appropriate course of action because there is strong evidence that we over-estimate the benefits of treatments and under-estimate the harms. Good decision support tools help clinicians and patients choose what’s best for them. The contribution of patient groups to EBI guidance ensures that NHS England adheres to its promise of ‘no decision about me without me.’

Patient support leaflets for some of the EBI interventions are available below as well as the shared decision making tool, Making the most of your appointment.